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Haas Engineering is an oil and gas consulting firm providing 3rd party audits and independent reserves reports. Our staff of licensed, professional engineers and geologists rely on industry standards to provide high quality assessments your shareholders and investors can rely on.

  • SEC reserves reports and audits
  • PRMS reserves reports and audits
  • Acquisition and divestiture evaluations
  • Fair market value reports
  • Data room support
  • Geologic studies
  • Reservoir engineering support
  • Production engineering

Our Customers

  • Public and private E&P companies
  • Non-op working interest owners
  • Mineral owners
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Private equity firms
  • Family offices
  • Midstream companies
  • Buyers & sellers




Make Confident Data-Driven Decisions

Being wrong about key metrics can be expensive or even devastating. At Haas Engineering, we understand this pressure, and we believe you should have the most reliable information available so you can make the best decisions for your business.

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The stakes are high, and the table is set for an active Acquisition and Divestiture season in the Oil and Gas industry. Unfortunately, many sophisticated buyers will overpay for these assets because they have one or more blind spots that prevent them from making a truly informed decision.

What People Are Saying

“Haas has enabled us to strategically and confidently land pipelines in the best part of the basin as well as forecast our volumes to a level of precision that enables higher utilization of our assets.”

- Midstream Executive

“The Haas name and reputation gives our partners and investors an extra layer of confidence in the work product we deliver.”

- Private E&P CFO

“We often need a third party to help validate production or type curves when evaluating a deal. Having a firm that has often looked at a very large inventory of properties in a given area is very valuable.”

- Private Equity Executive

“Before we came to Haas, we were frustrated that we were paying for a level of service that we were not receiving. At Haas we feel like we are all working together to accomplish a common goal and that our voices an opinions are heard, valued, and respected.

- Non Opp. Executive

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